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Ultra Cold freezer refurbishment

Just because your freezer has a few years on it and is no longer maintaining temperature there is no need to ship it off to a landfill.  We specialize in refurbishing Ultra Cold freezers back to mechanically new.  We can perform this task for a fraction of the cost of a new freezer while still providing the reliability and warranty of a new freezer.

Phone dialers and Back-up systems

A freezer rarely fails while you are around to notice or even on site.  A phone dialer will notify personell when your freezer is failing regardless of where you are.  Adding a CO2 or LN2 back-up system will help buy you some time until you can relocate your product.  We will be happy to install both on your Ultra Cold freezer.  Contact us for a quote.

Rental freezers

When extra temporary freezer space is needed we have a fleet of Ultra Cold rental freezers to fit your needs. 

Furthermore, while your Ultra Cold freezer is undergoing repairs at our facility, one of our rental freezers can be provided to you at no additional cost.

Preventative Maintinance

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of your equipment.  Regular preventative maintenance will keep your equipment running efficiently.  These periodic maintenance inspections also allow small issues to be found before they result in catastrophic failures.


We can provide NIST traceable single point calibration in both temperature and humidity.

Environmental Rooms


We install and maintain close tolerance environmental rooms.  Rooms can be custom designed to meet both your physical needs along with operating conditions.

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